Keeping a ‘social distance ’ might enable us to find ways to get closer. With stricter government regulations around the Coronavirus larger gatherings are on a hold, impacting cultural spaces of which some run on DIY or otherwise precarious labor. These are the realms where our public life partially manifests itself, they are spaces of visible production. Yet, this call to stay at home (and call from home) opens up new pathways for reflection and introverted thought. It proposes a consolidation of private and public ‘social’ life.

While setting up the online interfaces we are able to visit the private spheres of colleagues, friends, and strangers alike. Dialing up, ringing, the anticipation builds up as the connection is established. Working our ways around formal-informal gatherings, glitches and poor service point to the lengths information has to travel. The momentary stops leave isolated space. The stuttering and freezing screens leave traces of possibility, enable a pondering. Instigating an ellipsis where that which is not-yet (said) is up in the air and open for interpretation.